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An innovative automotive brand, brings cutting-edge technology and stylish design to redefine the driving experience


Point Media Expertise

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Comprehensive Research

  • Sponsorship Marketing

  • Media Planning

  • Out-of-Home Advertising

  • TV Commercial

MG Motor Australia

Case Story

MG Motor is an automotive brand that has been expanding its business globally. In Australia, MG has emerged as the leading sales brand in Australia, and is now focusing on enhancing brand recognition, reputation, and expanding its market control by competing with other established brands. MG Motor collaborated with Point Media to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that included sponsorship marketing and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. 

The marketing campaign was a huge success, exceeding MG Motor's expectations in terms of brand awareness and sales. The sponsorship marketing helped MG Motor to reach a wider audience and build a positive association with lifestyle and sports. The TV ads generated millions of views and helped to position MG Motor as a leader in eco-friendly and affordable cars. The OOH ads generated buzz and excitement among commuters and shoppers, resulting in increased foot traffic to MG Motor dealerships.

By leveraging sponsorship marketing, TV commercial ads, and OOH advertising, MG Motor was able to reach consumers through multiple channels and touchpoints. The campaign demonstrated the importance of a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy in today's competitive environment.

Major Sponsor-Masterchef 2022


Brand Visibility- MasterChef is a highly- rated cooking show that attracts millions of viewers each season

MasterChef 2022 Partnership 

Season 14, 2022

Major Sponsor-National Basketball League

Positive Brand Association: NBL is a professional basketball league that has a large following among sports fans

2018/2019 - 2022/23 Season

Brand Awareness - Channel 10 and Light Rail City Line ads helps generated buzz and excitement among families, commuters and shoppers


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